Mapvision Path: The Path to Your Full Potential

Mapvision Path training and consultation services to help your quality teams access the full potential of your process by utilizing Mapvision Quality Gate.

More elaborate tools help us to reach beyond the perceived limitations in building the future of manufacturing; increasing process efficiency, eliminating waste, delivering better quality, reducing environmental footprint of manufacturing scrap, and eventually saving millions of dollars—goals that we strive at Mapvision to help our clients reach. However; it is the people after all, and not the tools, that drive change. Therefore; we developed our new service offering: Mapvision Path.


Mapvision Path Training and Consultation Programs

Mapvision Path consists of several training and consultation programs to help your team reach beyond their goals in increasing production quality and to fully utilize the capabilities provided by the Mapvision Quality Gate system.


Training Programs

The training programs consist of two main bundles: Mapvision Starter and follow-up trainings.

  1. Mapvision Starter: Consisting of 6 different modules, Mapvision Starter aims to fully on-board your team with the Mapvision Quality Gate system.
  2. Follow-up Modules: The follow-up modules help your team to effectively use all the capabilities Mapvision Quality Gate provides.

Consultation Services

The consultation services aim to provide your team additional expertise in production analysis, process optimization and measurement correlation analysis. Currently, we provide two main services:

  1. Mapvision POP: Mapvision POP – Performance Optimization Program provides in-depth consultation to review your whole manufacturing process together with you, identify improvement areas to increase efficiency and control, and implement the changes.
  2. Mapvision Correlation Consultation: The program provides consultation for your in-house staff to ensure an identical inspection program between CMM and your Mapvision Quality Gate system.


Interested? Learn more!

Discover the full scope of consultation services and training programs on the product page to learn more about how we can enable your team to excel with Mapvision Quality Gate.

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