Our Management Team

Mapvision has a commitment to fostering excellence and innovation. Our company culture is rooted in agile principles, ensuring that leadership is dynamic and responsive to the ever-evolving business landscape. Our leaders are not just visionaries; they are mentors who understand the value of nurturing talent. We believe that effective leadership is not solely about driving results but also about empowering individuals to reach their full potential. At Mapvision, our management team creates a supportive ecosystem where every team member has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to our shared success.


Robert Blumberg

Robi (M.Sc. Tech., MBA) joined Mapvision in 2018 as the CEO. He has extensive experience in leadership roles in an international business environment. In his earlier career, he has worked in the automotive, paper machinery, and infra-construction fields. Robi is focused on creating business success with motivated and skilled employees as the driving force as well as making sure the customers' voices get heard loud and clear throughout the company and its stakeholders.


HR & Legal

Anne Oravainen

Anne (Master of Laws, M.Sc. Econ.) joined Mapvision in 2020 with the mission to develop Mapvision's HR and Legal processes. Before joining Mapvision, Anne worked in the hospitality industry for almost 20 years in versatile roles, and jumping to technology has been an interesting joyride for her. At heart, Anne wants to be at the pulse of each Mapvisionary and to understand how people can create a positive work culture together, but she also looks after Mapvision's compliance and business risks.


Chief Business Officer

Bosse Lönnqvist

Bosse Lönnqvist (M.Sc. Tech.) joined Mapvision in 2019. He has a versatile background in big and small companies in product leadership and operational management positions. Bosse is thrilled about details while also embracing the big picture, eager to see his team leaders grow.


Chief Product Officer

Teppo Aalto

Teppo joined Mapvision in 2009. Previously he has been travelling all around the world supporting Mapvision customers and contributing to talent acquisition and training. Now in his current role, he is able to bring his love of engineering to the mix to ensure our products remain at the forefront of the market. By heart, he is an engineer with a customer-centric and value-delivery-driven mindset who loves new innovations.


Chief Operating Officer

Hannu Teittinen

Hannu Teittinen (M.Sc. Tech.) has his academic background specializing in photogrammetry, the core of Mapvision technology. Since joining Mapvision in 2017, he has grown from project engineering to project management, later leading service, and other operations in the EMEA region. Hannu aims to empower individuals in personal growth and drives to ensure seamless teamwork that ensures customer satisfaction and creates value. 


Head of Production Operations

Mikko Saalimo

Mikko Saalimo (M.Sc. Tech.) is the Head of Production Operations at Mapvision. He has experience in various positions at Mapvision since 2016. He is an engineer at heart with a pragmatic approach and enjoys approaching decision making from all angles.


Product Development Director

Tommi Martela

Tommi Martela (M.Sc. Tech.) has had a long history in embedded software development, since joining Mapvision in 2023. He enjoys working on the interface between humans, software, and hardware as well as building teams and processes that promote efficiency, technical excellence, and self-organization.



Kosti Kannas

Kosti Kannas (M.Sc. Tech.) joined Mapvision in 2007, after being a researcher in the academic world. He is a generalist who feels at home with systemic challenges where physics, engineering, and software shake hands with reality.



Jaakko Rautavuori

Jaakko Rautavuori (M.Sc. Econ.) joined Mapvision in 2020 as the CFO. He has an extensive background in finance leadership roles in large stock exchange-listed companies spanning process and project industries. His resume also includes experience from substantial M&A and capital market transactions and post-merger integration. In addition to growth funding, Jaakko’s goal in Mapvision is to build a motivated, efficient, and business-oriented finance function, which is able to support the company in reaching its business targets.


Director, Core Applications

Jari Remes

Jari joined Mapvision in 2014. He has experience in various positions circling around mechanical and electrical design, sourcing, and production operations. In recent years the role has shifted more towards the development side which is closer to his mind and soul.