Customer Suppport

Mapvision Path

Training and consultation programs to help your team increase process efficiency and fully utilize the capabilities provided by the Mapvision Quality Gate system.


Training Programs

The training programs include the mandatory training modules to onboard your team with the Mapvision Quality Gate system and the optional follow-up modules that enable your team to fully utilize the system capabilities.

Consultation Services

The consultation services provide your team additional expertise by our experts in production analysis, process optimization, and measurement correlation analysis.

Training Programs

Mapvision Start

Training modules to fully onboard your factory staff with Mapvision Quality Gate – provided by Mapvision experts.

Mapvision Operator

  • Run Mapvision Quality Gate confidently in production
  • Troubleshoot and report inspection warnings
  • Handle basic troubleshooting for Mapvision Quality Gate

Mapvision Maintenance

  • Familiarize with the Mapvision Quality Gate hardware
  • Learn how to keep the system clean and change spare parts
  • Handle basic hardware troubleshooting


Mapvision Rework

  • Build a complete understanding of the rework process
  • Familiarize with all the ways a part can be reworked
  • Utilize the Mapvision Quality Gate software effectively for reworking

Mapvision Exporters

  • Export results automatically or manually in the desired format
  • Learn how to take database backups
  • Maintain free database capacity by controlling automatic exporters

Mapvision Correlation

  • Collect correlation data
  • Use the data for correlation analysis and adjustments
  • Utilize the data for troubleshooting

Mapvision Process Control

  • Prevent performance shifts in the processes
  • Use the software tools effectively for process control
  • Identify the reasons for process changes

Training Programs

Follow-up Trainings

Additional training modules to enable your team to fully utilize the Mapvision Quality Gate system capabilities.

Mapvision Visualizer

  • Learn how to fully benefit from all the visualization and reporting possibilities
  • Change needed settings in the Measurement Suite
  • Quickly address and troubleshoot production issues

Mapvision Programmer

  • Learn how to update Mapvision Quality Gate inspection program due to, for example, process changes
  • Add new inspection points and derivative features
  • Modify dimensional and visual inspection, perform reference updates

Customized Trainings

  • Custom training programs designed for your specific needs.

Consultation Services

Mapvision POP

Mapvision POP – Performance Optimization Program is a customized improvement project for your production process provided by our experts. Together with you, our experts will evaluate your process, identify improvement areas, and guide you implementing change to access the full potential of your manufacturing process through Mapvision Quality Gate.

Mapvision POP is particularly recommended during the pre-production phase to ensure process efficiency from the very beginning.

Consultation Services

Mapvision Correlation Consultation

The Mapvision Correlation Consultation aims to ensure strong correlation between your Mapvision Quality Gate System and CMM. As part of the program, our experts will visit your site to review the fixture concept and alignment for compatibility, create a machine readable CMM report format for efficient data transfer that enables easy-to-use correlation analysis and adjustments, and ensure an identical inspection program between CMM and Mapvision Quality Gate.

The Correlation Consultation is mandatory for delivery projects that require correlation to CMM. The service includes two correlation reports and analysis during the delivery.