Mapvision Weld Seam Inspection

Mapvision Weld Seam Inspection (WSI) is a machine learning-based inspection system for weld seams.

Combining our decades of camera inspection experience with modern machine learning technology we have created a fast and trainable device that learns from all parts produced.

Similarly, as with Mapvision dimensional inspection technology, we inspect weld seams from photos, which means parts can move forward immediately after photos have been taken. Enabling minimum part-stopping times and improved throughput from your production line.


Dimensional inspection and weld inspection run in parallel providing full part evaluation at the same time from the same device, minimizing stations and footprint required.


Weld images and results are stored in the database and are accessible with Mapvision Result Suite software combined with the statistics and reports from your dimensional inspection.

True 100%x100% inspection for every part and every feature, now with welds included! 


Mapvision's Weld Seam Inspection (WSI) targets externally visible defects such as weld presence, skipping or gaps, burn-through, heavy porosity, and large craters. During the training phase, the user should provide the system with approximately one thousand OK samples which enable the system to understand normal acceptable variation in production. Then the WSI evaluation can be activated and tested against known samples.


The core of our approach and interaction with the operator needs to be simple and fast. The operator labeling the samples for training or overwriting the WSI evaluation is done with a few simple clicks and WSI adapts with this new information. 

Q-series in black


Early WSI system development started in 2008 with traditional image processing.


Started developing a modern neural network-based solution. Aiming for reliable performance and scalable upkeep.


Anomaly Detection (WSI v1.0) launch.


Mapvision Weld Seam Inspection


Anomaly Detection (deep learning neural network)

Inspection Type

External visual inspection from images.

Camera System

Upgraded camera setup for WSI with ruggedized industrial optics.


Mapvision WSI Benefits

Space Saving

Weld Seam Inspection with the same system as Dimensional Measurement.

Image Database

Images of all weld seams for retroactive inspection.

Neural Network

An intuitive user interface for teaching the system with ease.

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