Mapvision Absolute Measurement

So far, in-line measurement systems have been tethered to coordinate measurement machines (CMMs). From production line ramp-up to line adjustment verification for engineering change requests (ECRs), a round of CMM correlation studies has been a requirement. Even for stable production lines, the need for correlation checking has remained a constant. The dependence on CMMs has left the full benefits of in-line measurement undelivered – until now!

Replace CMM Correlation with CAD Referencing

Mapvision Absolute Measurement is a new way of measuring parts without having to rely on CMM data. With Mapvision Absolute Measurement, the measurement reference is taken directly from the 3D CAD model itself. With the help of Mapvision Editor Suite, you can effortlessly define measurement features and calculational features on the CAD view with clear visualizations. 

In the CAD world, all geometrical definitions are mathematically flawless, and the visualizations guarantee that the correct feature gets defined. You can take the same perfection to the real world by rendering the 3D model photo realistically and using it as the reference image. Just define what you need and start measuring! 

With Absolute Measurement, you can create and deploy inspection programs in minutes without paying a visit to the CMM room and start adjusting your production immediately.

Change your parts every week? No problem. Ramp-up in a week without CMM? No problem. 30 variants in the same system? Not a problem at all.

Flexibility and digitalization. This is what Mapvision Absolute Measurement means in practice. Welcome to the new era of production without a CMM!

Welcome to the Post-CMM Era!

Mapvision Absolute Measurement is an additional option of Mapvision inspection solutions. It erases the need for separate offline inspections to do correlation checks. and removes the last analogue steps of the typical inspection process.

We have replaced the traditional reference image (the real photograph) taken from a CMM measured reference part with an image taken from a 3D CAD model that has a perfect reference point for every feature. Even getting absolute 3D coordinates is now digital!

Mapvision Absolute Measurement makes the manufacturing process of cars significantly smoother and more efficient. Obviously, the resource savings can be major (there will be much less need for expensive CMM equipment), but there are also many benefits for the actual inspection and manufacturing process.



Removing the unnecessary CMM phase improves the reaction time needed for quality control. Thus, it expedites the ramp-up and adjustments of the manufacturing process.


Moving from CMM-measured reference parts to absolute 3D CAD model referencing and artefact-based validation removes the problem of finding the "ideal part" to use as a reference.


Easy programming enables measuring many different parts and variants in the same Mapvision inspection system.


Programming the Measurement Plan for Absolute Measurement


Testing Absolute Measurement with Real Car Parts



Controlling Measurement Accuracy for Absolute Measurement