Dimensional Measurements And Presence Checks

Mapvision provides the fastest in-line quality inspection system for dimensional measurements and presence checks on complex components.

We remove the need for human eye in quality inspection and create an image database that can be analysed at any point of the production lifecycle.

100% x 100% In-Line Inspection

Our inspection solutions offer fully digital, precise, and reliable measurement of all features on all parts in real-time.

Our advanced analytics solutions make quality data easy to understand, from shop floor to the top floor. Our customers get product and process analytics with one integrated solution and can see the potential of their production.

Measuring from Visual Digital Twins

Mapvision Quality Gate uses advanced multi-camera technology based on the photogrammetric principle for inspections. The inspection process is fully digital and based on measurements from images provided by the fixed multi-camera setup. This enables inspection of all features on all parts in under 30 seconds and provides product and process analytics with one integrated solution.

The solution also creates a visual quality database for retroactive analytics that can be used during the whole production lifecycle – before, during, and after production.

Inspect 3D Location, Presence, and GD&T Callouts in the Same Inspection Cycle

The Mapvision Multi-Camera Technology can be used to measure dimensional measurements, such as 3D coordinates of features and holes, distances and angles between features, and - with help of projected light grids – surface edges and plane flatness. We can measure 3D geometric location, feature distances, true position, profile of a lines and surfaces, parallelism, perpendicularity, angularity and surface flatness - all in the same cycle!

The same technology can also be used for presence checks of features and components, from nuts and bolts to studs and holes, during the same inspection cycle.



The Fastest In-Line Inspection System for Complex Components

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Fully digital inspection of all features on all parts in under 30 seconds

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Product and process analytics with one solution

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Measurements from images and a visual quality database for retroactive analytics

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Value before, during, and after production

The Post-CMM Era: Mapvision Absolute Measurement

While the 100% times 100% in-line inspection capability of Mapvision solutions has already changed for good the world of in-line inspection by making the measurements fully digital and allowing even complex parts to inspected in a short cycle time, many customers still demand correlation checks that must be performed offline. The need to harmonize the data with other systems slows down the process and hinders flexibility. A check with a CMM adds an extra loop that can last a whole day without bringing any added value.

This is the challenge we have solved with Mapvision Absolute Measurement.

With Mapvision Absolute Measurement, we introduce a CMM-free in-line inspection setup that uses a new absolute measuring method (CAD referencing) to produce absolute 3D coordinates. The new method is used in combination with an easy-to-use shop floor artefact to validate the system capability instead of the traditional CMM correlation studies.

Read more about how we enable CMM-free inspection on the Mapvision Absolute Measurement pages.

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