Mapvision Path: The Consultation Services

Mapvision Path consultation services help you ease your operational burden and optimize your processes as well as your quality inspection capability.

After introducing Mapvision Path and covering the Mapvision training modules, another Mapvision Path offer that might help you ease your operational burden and help optimize your process performance as well as your quality inspection capability is the consultation services.


Mapvision POP – Performance Optimization Program

Setting up a new production line for high volume manufacturing is always a challenging process. Moreover, the cost implications of the ramp up process creates time pressures for manufacturers. Naturally, one of the main goals during the ramp up period is creating a stable and accurate process as measured by process capability (Pp) and process capability index (Ppk).

Mapvision POP aims to help you create a stable and accurate process by identifying process improvement opportunities throughout your manufacturing line. It is a customized process optimization project designed based on your particular needs on the factory floor. Together with you; our experts evaluate your process, identify improvement areas, and guide you in implementing the change to access the full potential of your manufacturing process through fully utilizing the capabilities of Mapvision Quality Gate.


Mapvision Correlation Consultation

A crucial part of your quality inspection capability is having strong correlation between CMM and Mapvision Quality Gate. However, there are several intricacies to be taken into account in correlation testing such as the report format or the fixture concept. Mapvision Correlation Consultation aims to take the burden of you in correlation testing and related adjustments.

As part of the service; our experts visit your site, review the fixture concept, create a machine readable CMM report format for correlation testing, evaluate the correlation between the Mapvision Quality Gate and CMM, and finally make the necessary adjustments in the Mapvision Quality Gate system to deliver strong correlation with CMM.


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