Mapvision Path: The Training Modules

Mapvision training modules enable your teams optimize production process performance by fully utilizing Mapvision Quality Gate’s capabilities.

In a previous blog post, we introduced Mapvision Path – training and consultation programs to enable your teams optimize production process performance by fully utilizing Mapvision Quality Gate’s capabilities. This time we dive deeper into the training programs Mapvision Path offers.


Mapvision Start: The Mandatory Training Program to On-board Your Team

With each Mapvision Quality Gate delivery, our experts ensure the operationality of the system to its full capacity on your premises. However, it is essential that your team is equipped with sufficient knowledge to sustain the system performance after our experts handover the system. Therefore, each Mapvision Quality Gate delivery project also includes a mandatory training program for your team – that is, Mapvision Start.

The program consists of six modules that aim to provide your team the skills and knowledge to operate, maintain, and configure the system.

Module 1: Mapvision Operator

The Mapvision Operator module covers the daily operational topics such as running the system, collecting inspection results and production data, and handling non-conforming parts detected by the system. At the end of the module, the users can:

  1. Run Mapvision Quality Gate confidently in production
  2. Report inspection warnings and non-conforming parts
  3. Handle basic troubleshooting for Mapvision Quality Gate.

Module 2: Mapvision Maintenance

While we provide annual maintenance services at our clients’ request with Mapvision Care service programs, it is essential that your team is equipped with enough knowledge to maintain the system. Therefore, the maintenance modules objective is to:

  1. Familiarize with the Mapvision Quality Gate Hardware
  2. Learn how to keep the system clean and change spare parts
  3. Learn how to handle basic hardware troubleshooting.

Module 3: Mapvision Rework

By inspecting each feature on each part you manufacture, Mapvision Quality Gate reveals vast amounts of data on quality and transforms it into actionable insights; making it available to the use of different units throughout the production lifecycle. And rework station is also one of them.

Mapvision Quality Gate helps you to identify the non-confirming parts that can easily be fixed through rework and provides access to the inspection data from the rework station to guide the rework process with visual and dimensional insights – significantly reducing the rework time. The Mapvision Rework module aims to help your team:

  1. Build a complete understanding of the rework process
  2. Familiarize with all the ways a part can be reworked
  3. Utilize the Mapvision Quality Gate software effectively for reworking the part.

Module 4: Mapvision Exporters

Rapid feedback, agility, and fast response are essential capabilities for manufacturing today – both on the shop floor and top floor. One of the key pillars of these capabilities is easy access to clear and accurate insights.

Mapvision Quality Gate enables you to build and export customized reports both on your output quality and process performance based on the vast data it collects from your production. The Mapvision Exporters module enables your team to:

  1. Create and export reports automatically or manually in the desired format
  2. Learn how to take database backups
  3. Maintain free database capacity by controlling automatic exporters.

Module 5: Mapvision Correlation

To maintain system correlation with CMM results, it is essential for your team to be able to handle correlation analysis and related data. Therefore, the Mapvision Correlation module aims to help users:

  1. Collect correlation data
  2. Use the data to define necessary action steps
  3. Use the data for troubleshooting.

Module 6: Mapvision Process Control

Mapvision Quality Gate is not only a tool to inspect parts for conformance, but also an analytics solution to monitor and control process stability. By collecting inspection data from each part you manufacture and associating this information with each respective production cell, Mapvision Quality Gate provides the most granular image of your process performance – enabling you to, for example, identify complex variation patterns and emerging deviation trends in production; and delivering actionable insights for corrective actions.

The Mapvision Process Control module provides your team the knowledge to utilize Mapvision Quality Gate to:

  1. Prevent performance shifts in the processes
  2. Use the system and the accompanying analytics software effectively for process control
  3. Identify the reasons for process deviations.


Follow-up Trainings: Advanced and Custom Modules for Your Team

While Mapvision Start modules are mandatory to on-board your team with the Mapvision Quality Gate system, we also offer two optional follow-up modules to build further competence on the system as well as customized training modules:

Mapvision Visualizer

Transforming vast amounts of production data into actionable insights means having competence over effective visualization of the data to ensure clear communication. The Mapvision Visualizer module enables users to:

  1. Use all the data visualization and reporting functionalities to their fullest
  2. Change necessary settings in the software
  3. Create effective reporting tools to quickly identify and troubleshoot production issues.

Mapvision Programmer

As more and more agility required on the shop floor, your team needs to be able to quickly respond to engineering change requests (ECRs). This naturally includes being able to quickly and independently change the inspection program. The Mapvision Programmer module aims to equip users with competence to:

  1. Update the Mapvision Quality Gate inspection program
  2. Add new inspection points and derivative features
  3. Modify dimensional and visual inspection as well as perform reference updates.

Custom Training Modules:

In such a dynamic industry, each client faces different challenges depending on, for example, the production setup, part complexity, customer requirements, and employee retention. Therefore, we also create custom training modules by first identifying our client’s unique challenges and needs.


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