100% in-line inspection for automotive industry.

Mapvision Quality Gate is the fastest in-line inspection system for welded car body and chassis components available today. It can measure hundreds of 3D features (x,y,z) in less than 30 seconds.

You get a unique result that no one else can provide:

  • Adjust your line quickly and reliably with the 100% in-line data
  • Deliver only good parts

Recent News

We have a busy Spring on the way, with five global trade shows in the upcoming weeks!
Mapvision to give a presentation at EMVA “Control Vision talks” in Control 2018
Beyond “Offline – At line – Inline”  The digitalization of inspection processes is making At line and Offline obsolete. A fully digital...
Mapvision ISO 9001:2015 Certification
We are happy to announce that the Quality Management System of Mapvision Ltd. has been certified according the latest ISO 9001:2015 version...
Metrology.News: Multi Camera Optical Checking Fixture Paces Automotive Production
Quality Gate in the news at Metrology.News, read the full story here:​ http://metrology.news/multi-camera-optical-checking-fixture-paces-automotive-production...
New facilities at Mapvision USA
Mapvision USA's new address is as follows: Mapvision USA 5601 Creek Road Suite C Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 This expanded facility provides growth for the increasing...

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