Modular Q-Series or Fully Customized C-Series?

We at Mapvision offer the fastest in-line inspection system for​ complex components. We are known for fully digital, precise, and reliable measurement of all features on all parts in real-time, and product and process analytics with one integrated solution.

The solutions that are based on our patented multi-camera inspection technology have already resulted in a major change in how quality inspection is managed in the automotive industry. They offer big advantages over the old-school sensor-based inspection products.

The Mapvision Q-Series in-line inspection system offers the unique 100% x 100% inline inspection that we are known for, with a modular frame and enclosure architecture that allows easy adaptation of the system size according to the part size and the available floor space.

The measurements of the standard sizes vary from 2220​x2090​x2610​ (WxLxH) to 3120​x4020​x2610​ with modular steps. The standard loading options include Single Door, Double Door, Single Shuttle and Double Shuttle models.

If you need even more flexibility, for example larger that may be needed for example for full body-in-white inspection, we offer a customization program, where we will define together with you the ideal inspection solution to match your requirements.

Through our customization program, you can get both custom-sized inspection systems (larger and smaller) and special loading options. We have already created special versions of Mapvision inspection systems for large automotive structures, such as underbodies and ladder frames, as well as designed many systems that have been integrated directly to conveyor belts or loaded from AGV's etc.

That is what we call the Mapvision C-Series. Customized solutions for advanced 100% x 100% in-line quality inspection.

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