Benefits of 100% Inspection For The EV Industry

The Mapvision Q-Series in-line quality inspection system is the best solution for the unique problems of EV manufacturing, using our patented multi-camera technology.

The only inspection solution for EV manufacturing

What is 100%x100% inspection and why is it the best option for EV part manufacturing?

If you’re manufacturing EV parts and battery components without 100%x100% inspection, you’re probably not doing it right. You could be faster, more efficient, and absolutely certain that each part you ship is of high quality. 

The Mapvision Q series in-line quality inspection system is the best solution for the unique problems of EV battery manufacturing. It is based on our patented multi-camera technology, offering a fully digital inspection solution that allows you to quickly and easily inspect even the most complex parts.

Multi-Camera Technology – a one-minute primer

Multi-camera technology is the foundation of 100%x100% inspection. It makes the quality  inspection process fully digital, and faster than traditional alternatives, by allowing you to conduct all inspections on a part’s visual digital twin – and not on the physical part.

As the name suggests, the technology is based on multiple, fixed cameras situated inside an inspection “box”. These cameras take multiple photographs of a manufactured part from different angles. Our software’s photogrammetry algorithms then combine the images to build a visual digital twin – a fully accurate 3D digital model of the part.

If you’re interested in diving into the technical details, read a more detailed breakdown of multi-camera technology and its benefits in our deep-dive article

What is 100%x100% inspection? 

100% x 100% inspection is our promise. You will be able to inspect each feature of every part you manufacture within your cycle time.

No more sampling. No more good enough. With the complexity of EV battery components, nothing less than one hundred percent coverage will do. 

This is how the inspection process for your EV parts will look like with 100%x100% inspection:

  1. Robotic arms place the part into the Mapvision Q inspection solution.
  2. Multiple cameras capture images of the part from different angles.
  3. The images are stored in the cloud database of the solution and our software constructs them into a visual digital twin.
  4. The solution runs inspections on the visual digital twin of the part – while the physical part can already be moving to the next phase of the assembly process.

Steps 1-4 only take around 40 seconds on average, even for the most complex parts like EV battery trays with 1000+ inspection points. 

5. The solution then analyzes the results of the inspection and flags the part as needed.
6. The visual digital twin stays in your database indefinitely, allowing you to access the inspection results at any time – or even run new inspections with entirely different specifications.

By conducting the inspection on visual digital twins – and not on the physical part itself – you achieve faster inspection times and unlock unique benefits for EV manufacturing. No other inspection solution can replicate the flexibility or reliability of 100%x100% inspection. 

The benefits of 100%x100% inspection for EV manufacturing


Guarantee the quality and safety of each individual part
Sampling, by nature, can never guarantee the quality of each part you manufacture. It gives you a statistically higher chance of identifying defects, but that percentage will never equal 100%. For critical EV parts, this is not an option. 

With multi-camera technology, you don’t have to compromise. With the faster inspection time of the 100%x100% inline quality inspection solution, you can inspect every single part you manufacture – and guarantee their safety. 

Reliability through built-in redundancy
During inspection, each feature of a part is photographed by at least five different cameras. This creates overlapping data points that our software automatically compares to one another, flagging and discarding any anomalies. 

Furthermore, the part and all measurement tools are completely still at the moment of inspection. This naturally results in fewer possible points of failure and increases the reliability of measurements. 

Inspect parts hidden by assembly
Once you close the lid on an EV battery, you can no longer access the parts it is built out of. Likewise, once that EV battery is built into the car itself, it can no longer be seen or handled without considerable disassembly.

With 100%x100% inspection, you can access these hidden parts with just a few button clicks. The visual digital twins of each part the EV battery is made up of – from the battery tray to the module – are still stored in your database. At any time, you can pull up the visual digital twins of individual parts and run new inspections on them. 

Run new inspections at any time
Consider this situation. You delivered a shipment of 100 EV batteries to a car manufacturer. During installation, they encounter a problem: the screws won’t go in as they should on a battery. They contact you, asking for a replacement shipment – they don’t want to waste time on installing potentially defective batteries.

Now, normally you’d have to recall that entire batch of 100 batteries to make sure there are no defective ones. With multi-camera technology, you can instead check each part individually, and only recall the faulty ones.

So you sit down and fire up the database where the visual digital twins of EV batteries manufactured in your factory are stored. You check the batch number and pull up the batch in question. Now, all you have to do is go through the individual parts and identify the ones that are defective. You rerun the inspections on the individual parts. Let’s say three are flagged as defective. That’s 97 parts you did not have to recall, thanks to multi-camera technology.

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