Mapvision Absolute Measurement

Flexibility and digitalization. Welcome to the post-CMM manufacturing era.

So far, in-line measurement systems have been tethered to coordinate measurement machines (CMMs). From production line ramp-up to line adjustment verification for engineering change requests (ECRs), a round of CMM correlation studies has been a requirement. Even for stable production lines, the need for correlation checking has remained a constant. The dependence on CMMs has left the full benefits of in-line measurement undelivered – until now!


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Replace CMM Correlation with CAD Referencing


With Mapvision Absolute Measurement, we introduce a CMM-free in-line inspection setup that uses CAD referencing instead of the traditional CMM correlation studies.

Just think about the flexibility you gain by eliminating your dependence on CMMs. And think about the possibilities such level of flexibility open in the manufacturing world!

You can create and deploy inspection programs in minutes without paying a visit to the CMM room and start adjusting your production immediately.

Change your parts every week? No problem. Ramp-up in a week without CMM? No problem. 30 variants in the same system? Not a problem at all.

You can deploy and manage all changes and updates only through a user interface and by using CAD files of the part as a reference.

Flexibility and digitalization. This is what Mapvision Absolute Measurement means in practice. Welcome to the new era of production without a CMM!

icon-circle-arrow-right Speed: Removing the unnecessary CMM phase improves the reaction time needed for quality control. Thus, it expedites the ramp-up and adjustments of the manufacturing process.


icon-circle-arrow-rightAccuracy: Moving from CMM-measured reference parts to absolute 3D CAD model referencing and artefact-based validation removes the problem of deciding which measurement system is giving the correct results.


icon-circle-arrow-rightFlexibility: Easy programming enables measuring many different parts and variants in the same Mapvision Quality Gate.

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Download our Absolute Measurement white paper to discover how can you unlock the true potential of in-line measurement without a CMM.

The white paper will cover:

  • How in-line quality inspection becomes completely digital 
  • The advantages of Mapvision Absolute Measurement
  • Achieving the accuracy and precision of a CMM - without a CMM


Achieve The Accuracy and Precision of a CMM – without A CMM

CMMs might have been the status quo for a long-time. However, Mapvision Absolute Measurement confidently shakes up the status quo by delivering reliable, CMM comparable results – without a CMM.

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