Ladder Frame Inspection

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# of Features Inspected

40 seconds

Inspection Cycle Time

Example Inspection Points

  • Mounting points of the body
  • Shock tower mounting locations § Engine cradle mounting points
  • Leaf spring mounting points
  • Other functional mounting points



Mapvision 100% x 100% In-Line Inspection

Inspect 100% of the features for 100% of the parts you manufacture within Takt time – even for the most complex parts with hundreds of inspection points.
Analyse inspection results
Safe Quality Containment

Detect out-of-spec parts as soon as they are produced to safely contain them within your facility. Avoid OEM line shutdowns and expensive warranty claims. Build a reputation for 100% delivery quality.

Real-Time Process Data Analytics

Monitor your process performance for each feature, component, and production cell in real-time. Utilize deep-dive data to reveal complex variation patterns and trends. Prevent scrap and enable advanced closed-loop manufacturing processes.

Visual inspection (1)
Retroactive Inspection and Virtual Sorting

Conduct new inspections for new or pre-defined features on product digital twins – without needing the physical parts. Conduct sorting activities completely digitally with Virtual Sorting.

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