Underbody Inspection

Inspect each part you manufacture – not only for a handful of critical features – but for ALL features that you need to have control over.

Ensure 100% part conformity, avoid warranty claims, and cut the cost of quality.



# of Inspected Features

40 seconds

Inspection Cycle Time

Example Inspection Points

Frame rail location
Fire wall positioning
Shock tower locationand placement
Shock absorber mounting holes on the shock

Mounting holes of the seats
Mounting places for the subframes
Positioning of the crash tubes
Battery pack mounting points (for EV underbodies)

Stop Sampling. Take Full Control over Quality.

Achieve superior control over both part quality and process capability throughout the entire production lifecycle. By inspecting all features on each part, 100% x 100% in-line inspection unlocks brand new capabilities to lower parts-per-million and eliminate sorting costs. 

  • Safe Quality Containment

  • Real-time Process Control

  • Virtual Sorting

Analyse inspection results

Ensure 100% Delivery Quality

Detect out-of-spec parts as soon as they are produced to safely contain them within your facility. Avoid OEM line shutdowns and expensive warranty claims. Build a reputation for 100% delivery quality.


Monitor and Analyze Process Capability in Real-Time

Monitor your process performance for each feature, component, and production cell in real-time. Utilize deep-dive data to reveal complex variation patterns and trends. Prevent scrap and enable advanced closed-loop manufacturing processes.


Inspect and Sort Parts Fully Virtually

Inspect new inspection points even after the parts are shipped by using part digital twins instead of the physical parts. Eliminate manual sorting and conduct sorting activities fully virtually.

Any Questions? Talk to an Expert.

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