Greater control over your metrology with Mapvision Editor Suite

Mapvision Editor Suite gives greater control and flexibility over in-line metrology. Find out more why this is the measurement software of the future.

In-line metrology devices have become a crucial tool in the automotive industry. They ensure the quality and precision of various components, such as battery trays, subframes, and body-in-white parts. These devices provide real-time measurements during the production process, allowing manufacturers to identify and correct any potential issues before they become major problems.

However, the effectiveness of these devices can be limited by the software that comes with them. Often, the software is inflexible, making it difficult to adjust to engineering change requests (ECRs) or to program new measurement features. Additionally, users may have to overly rely on service departments from device providers, making it difficult to be self-sufficient and to adjust their measurement reference as needed.

Fortunately, Mapvision Editor Suite addresses these issues and provides automotive professionals greater control and flexibility over their in-line metrology devices. This article covers some of the things that make this the software of the future.

In a nutshell, Editor Suite enables: 

With the Editor Suite, you can skip the endless support loop and take control of your production line’s quality inspection. Keep reading to learn more! 

Respond to Change Requests Immediately

Deploying engineering change requests (ECRs) are time-consuming activities that cost a lot in a fast-paced manufacturing line. 

Editor Suite allows users to update the inspection program and to program new measurement features within minutes rather than hours. This allows easy adaptation to changing requirements, ECRs, and also performing retroactive measurements. With Editor Suite, you can take advantage of Mapvision Q-series in measuring process performance immediately after the line adjustments – and reduce line downtime. 

Easy to use and add new feature measurements

One of the key benefits of Editor Suite is its ease of use: everything is built on top of the 3D CAD model visually. Users can simply select the feature they want to measure from the CAD model, and the software will automatically generate the measurement routine. This makes it easy to add new features, even for complex geometries that require intricate calculations.

As an example, there’s a manufacturer that needs to measure the flatness of a stamped part with a complex contour. Using the traditional approach might require significant programming effort and trial and error to achieve the desired result. With Mapvision Editor Suite, the user can simply select the feature from the 3D CAD model, and the software will automatically generate the measurement routine, considering the complex geometry and any required calculations.

Mapvision Editor Suite comes with extensive instructions that allow users to perform updates without years of technical or software expertise. This makes it accessible to a wide range of automotive professionals, regardless of their level of experience with in-line metrology devices.

Measurement fine-tuning 

Another benefit of the software is its ability to enhance the accuracy and precision of measurements. Users can fine-tune their measurement settings to achieve the exact results they need, ensuring that their components meet the strict quality standards required in the automotive industry/OEMs.

With Mapvision Editor Suite, you can adjust your measurement reference as needed, ensuring that your devices are always providing reliable measurements that are within the accepted variation range. You can update your measurement reference via a user-friendly UI and the situation can be solved independently without Mapvision support. Systems can be updated fast offline without interrupting the production and installed within a few minutes during a shift change.


Retrospective measurement and virtual sorting

The retrospective inspection capabilities of Mapvision Editor Suite grant manufacturers greater control and flexibility over the quality control processes. Since the data collected by the device represents the entire part and functions as a visual digital twin, it can always be recalled for conducting new inspections. Since the software allows for virtual inspections even after parts have been shipped, the software can reduce the risk of quality issues and improve overall product quality, while also reducing costs associated with manual sorting and batch recalls.

Manufacturers can update the inspection specifications for existing features or define completely new features and conduct new inspections fully virtually, without the need for manual sorting activities or batch recalls. This can save significant time and money in the event of a quality issue, as manufacturers can quickly and easily identify affected parts and take corrective action.

In addition, the ability to conduct retrospective inspections can also help manufacturers identify trends or patterns in their production processes. By analyzing the data collected from previous inspections, they can identify potential issues or opportunities for improvement and take proactive measures to address them.

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Mapvision Editor Suite represents a significant advancement in the field of in-line metrology for the automotive industry. By providing greater control and flexibility over measurement devices, it can help manufacturers improve their quality control processes and reduce costs associated with downtime and rework. If you're involved in the automotive industry and are looking for ways to improve your quality control processes, contact us for a personal Mapvision Editor Suite demo.

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