Mapvision's Absolute Measurement: Trusted by Automotive Leaders

Our revolutionary Absolute Measurement solution transforms in-line measurement, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and boosting inspection efficiency.

As the automotive industry undergoes a transformative shift towards electric vehicles (EVs), the complexity of critical components and the necessity for production efficiency have never been greater. At Mapvision, our dedication lies in helping our clients consistently deliver parts of exceptional quality. Our revolutionary Absolute Measurement solution transforms in-line measurement, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and boosting inspection efficiency. By validating the system using shop floor artifacts, we provide reliable results that have earned the trust of leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.


Mapvision's Absolute Measurement system revolutionizes in-line measurement by combining advanced machine vision, photogrammetry, and 3D CAD. The system allows manufacturers to measure EV parts' inspection points without referencing any other measurement system, eliminating the time-consuming process of correlating measurements with CMMs and making offset adjustments. This results in a more streamlined and efficient inspection process.

The Absolute Measurement system directly uses a 3D CAD model reference when measuring inspection points on captured part photos. This breakthrough is made possible by the latest advancements in 3D CAD rendering technology, which allows the creation of virtual parts that closely match their real-world counterparts. By programming the system to these 3D CAD models, clients can measure parts without the need for physical CMM reference, saving valuable time and resources.

Fig 1: 3D CAD model reference


As EVs continue to gain popularity, manufacturers are faced with the challenge of maintaining high quality while increasing production speed and volume. Mapvision's Absolute Measurement system is designed to help customers overcome this challenge by providing a high-speed in-line inspection solution that can keep pace with industry demands.

Traditional inspection approaches are no longer adequate for the complex components found in EVs, such as battery modules and trays. With some battery trays requiring up to 1200+ inspection points, measuring them with robots within 30-40 second inspection cycle time would be impossible. Mapvision's solution tackles this issue head-on, enabling manufacturers to perform comprehensive inspections without compromising on speed or accuracy.


Fig 2: EV Battery Tray Inspection



To guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the Absolute Measurement system, Mapvision has implemented a robust validation process using shop floor artifacts. These customized artifacts are created and measured in accredited laboratories to establish traceable distances. By comparing the measurement result obtained from the Absolute Measurement system with the laboratory measurements, Mapvision demonstrates the system's accuracy and provides customers with complete confidence in the results. The validation process fulfills the VDI 2634-1 standard, ensuring that our system generates consistent and reliable measurements. Accuracy tests show an average correlation of 0,02mm and a maximum error of 0,1 mm for measurements without any offset adjustments.

Fig 3: Mapvision’s shop floor artifact

The Absolute Measurement system includes an artifact validation program that can be run in just 30 seconds to confirm its performance. In the rare event that the validation fails, the artifact can be used to quickly calibrate the system, with the recalibration program taking only a minute to complete.

Discover more about our revolutionary Absolute Measurement system, we invite you to watch our informative webinar recording here. We are eager to discuss how our Absolute Measurement solution can be tailored to meet your specific requisitions of your production launch projects.

Note: This article draws from the valuable insights shared by Teppo Aalto and Adam Brooks during their webinar on June 18, 2024. 


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