Improving EV component quality with Multi-Camera Technology

11.05.2023 | 18:00 (GMT +3)

Teppo Aalto

Chief Product Officer

Matias Impivaara

Chief Growth Officer

Improving EV component quality with Multi-Camera Technology

EV battery manufacturing is one of the fastest growing business areas in the
automotive industry. However, manufacturers face brand-new challenges in
streamlining the production of these complex and mission critical
components—particularly in terms of quality management.

Having worked with global manufacturers and OEMs on multiple EV battery
projects, we have seen that the industry requires new technologies and
capabilities in terms of quality inspection to make the EV revolution possible.

Join our Chief Product Officer Teppo Aalto and Chief Growth Officer Matias
Impivaara in this webinar to hear about how we enable manufacturers to
advance and digitize their quality management capabilities by equipping
them with advanced vision technologies.

You will particularly hear about:

  • How multi-camera inspection technology enables EV battery
    manufacturers to take full control over quality
  • Our key learnings in creating measurement plans for EV batteries
  • Application examples

Watch the webinar recording