In-Line Quality Inspection with Multi-Camera Technology

29.09.2022 | 16:00 (GMT +2)

Saper Sahbaz

Customer Acquisition Manager

Multi-Camera Technology: A Paradigm Shift in Vision Technologies for In-Line Inspection

Vision systems for in-line quality inspection have evolved significantly in the past decade helping manufacturers to take a step forward from mechanical and tactile solutions such as CMMs, checking fixtures, and gauges. However, we have still been far away from fully digitizing and fundamentally changing in-line inspection – not to mention transforming quality management in a broader sense.

In this webinar, we will dive into multi-camera inspection technology—a new paradigm in vision inspection systems. During the webinar, we will particularly cover:

1. What multi-camera technology is and how it differs from other vision inspection technologies

2. The new capabilities introduced by multi-camera technology such as 100% x 100% in-line inspection and retroactive inspection

3. How the technology significantly improves operational robustness through self-diagnostics and sensor redundancy

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