What's your accuracy? - How we use Measurement terminology at Mapvision

15.06.2023 | 16:00 (GMT +3)

Teppo Aalto

Chief Product Officer

Matias Impivaara

Chief Growth Officer

Kosti Kannas

Chief Technology Officer

Joakim Siirilä

Product Manager

What's your accuracy?
Experts talk about measurement terminology and how we at Mapvision use it.

Reliable and validated measurement results are critical in the quality inspection of the automotive industry. However, the terminology related to measuring is at times used vaguely and sometimes the same terms can mean different things to different people. If you are unaware of this, it can needlessly hinder mutual understanding.

For those reasons, the question in the webinar heading – what’s our accuracy – is not a simple one to answer. Of course we could say “very accurate” or even “impeccably accurate”, but anyone can say that because accuracy can be defined in multiple ways. Instead, we want to clarify what we see as accuracy, what we actually mean with that, and why we in fact think that the heading’s question would benefit from rephrasing.

Join our webinar to hear our Chief Technology Officer Kosti Kannas, Chief Product Officer Teppo Aalto, Product Manager Joakim Siirilä and Chief Growth Officer Matias Impivaara discuss:

  • Our terminology
  • How does the measurement process change once Absolute Measurement replaces CMM checks
  • Standards such as MSA and VDA
After this webinar, you’ll know exactly what we mean with things like correlation, calibration, validation, repeatability and reproducibility in relation to our products. And maybe in the end we will also get an answer to the big accuracy question, too! 

Watch the webinar recording