Mapvision Multi-Camera Inspection: Advantages and Benefits in Application

29.10.2020 |

Conventional visual inspection systems have for sure advanced quality inspection capabilities to a certain extend on the shop floor – however, not without major downsides such as camera failures, false positives, or accuracy and correlation problems that have built a poor reputation for visual inspection in the field.

Mapvision multi-camera inspection (Mapvision RAIC®) technology eliminates the problems you have faced with visual inspection systems thus far and provides you unparalleled capabilities by making it possible to inspect hundreds of features in approximately 30 seconds – both for presence and 3D dimensionality.

Join us in this webinar to learn how Mapvision can provide you a robust, in-line quality inspection solution that you can rely on. Few of the topics we will be covering are:

  1. Wide view measurement vs. focused point observations
  2. Multi-camera triangulation vs. single-point scan triangulation
  3. How the application works in real world
  4. Mapvision Quality Index for self-diagnosis and avoiding inaccuricies.

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