Increased flexibility over in-line metrology with Mapvision Editor Suite

26.04.2023 | 16:00 (GMT +2)

Matias Impivaara

Chief Growth Officer

Teemu Borgman

Product Manager

Mapvision Editor Suite: Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of in-line quality inspection.

The effectiveness of in-line quality inspection solutions can be limited by the software. Often, the software is inflexible, making it difficult to adjust to engineering change requests (ECRs) or to program new measurement features. Additionally, users may be overly reliant on service departments from device providers, making it difficult to be self-sufficient and to adjust their measurement reference as needed.

Mapvision Editor Suite addresses these issues and provides automotive professionals with greater control and flexibility over their in-line metrology devices.

Join us in the webinar to learn how to use Mapvision Editor Suite to

  • Respond to change requests Immediately
  • Fine-tune your measurement fine-tuning
  • Perform retroactive measurements.
Additionally, we will discuss why Mapvision Editor Suite is the perfect companion for Absolute Measurement.

Watch the webinar recording