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Mapvision Quality Policy

Mapvision’s goal is to provide leading-edge solutions that enable superior quality and efficiency of production processes.

We commit ourselves to fulfil the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and customer-specific requirements. We take into account the requirements of all interested parties. We are committed to the continuous improvement of products, services and processes. The quality of our products, services and processes greatly depend on our employees. Therefore we ensure premium skills and know-how through systematic training and mentoring.”


Our quality management system is audited and certified by the leading German audit company DQS GmbH.

The certification helps us to raise the bar on our requirements and committing to common targets in the company. It is easier to stick to the agreed project model when the quality management system sets clear criteria for the evaluation of our operational quality. This helps us to systematically develop our operation, with the main goal of constantly improving customer satisfaction.