Mapvision Quality and Environmental Policy

Scope of our activities

Mapvision provides fully digital multi-camera technology systems for 100% in-line inspection. Currently Mapvision provides systems mainly for the purposes of automotive body and chassis part manufacturing industries. Mapvision recognizes the environmental challenges posed by its global business and thus strives for a competitive business that is sound in terms of environmental impacts.

Mapvision’s high quality products and care services support the sustainability of its customers by providing them tools and knowhow to monitor their production quality. The company’s quality and environmental management system includes all its offices, operations, products and services and considers requirements of ISO14001:2015 and ISO9001:2015. Effectiveness of the management system is measured through targets and procedures of continuous improvement.

Mapvision’s suppliers are kept informed on quality and environmental requirements set for their products and services and are monitored for compliance. Mapvision educates its employees comprehensively on issues considering quality and environment. In addition, when operating at the customer's premises, employees follow customer's quality, environmental, safety and security requirements.

Operating with concern for quality and environmental issues is an integral part of Mapvision's business philosophy

We implement processes with consideration for quality and sustainability and the pursuit of ecologically-friendly leading-edge product development. A fundamental principle of our quality and environmental initiatives is efficient use of resources – material, human and financial – in our development and manufacturing operations, whenever possible. Where our activities may have an environmental impact, we are guided by what is ecologically motivated, technically possible and financially defensible. In accordance with Mapvision’s Quality and Environmental policy, we:

  • Commit to continuous improvement of our quality and environmental management system to enhance the quality and environmental performance of our products, services and processes
  • Commit to fulfil the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 standards
  • Commit to fulfil customer-specific requirements
  • Commit to protect the environment by following compulsory regulations and guidelines wherever we operate
  • Commit to provide products and services that support the quality, efficiency and sustainability of our customers’ operations
  • Take into account requirements of all stakeholders relevant to our business
  • Ensure our employees and partners possess sufficient knowledge and professionalism in issues related to quality and environmental protection
  • Endeavor to influence our suppliers to perform their services and operations granting the expected quality levels, while minimizing the environmental impact.

We apply life cycle thinking throughout our value chain. Consequently, we:

  • Limit the use of natural resources by minimizing the consumption of materials, maximizing their reuse and pursuing immaterial products and services
  • Utilize safe and environmentally friendly installations in manufacturing processes
  • Use energy in an economical and cost-efficient manner in our buildings, production and during our service and customer site operations
  • Aim to maximize environmentally friendly transportation options
  • Avoid travelling by using remote connections to the maximum extent, encourage our employees towards green commuting and enable efficient remote working.

Our technology enables our customers to:

  • Reduce, and in certain cases, prevent waste of materials and resources by better production monitoring and  quality control in their manufacturing processes
  • Visualize manufacturing quality and thus control critical production features to mitigate risks of complaints and  recalls due to flawed components and of production of NOK (Not OK) parts
  • Replace traditional mechanical measurement tasks by automated software solutions, which contribute to reducing energy and materials usage.

Thus the best way we can advance a better world is to sell more products and services to our customers and therefore we apply the motto “save the world by selling more”.