Mapvision Quality Gate 6200

Digital 100% in-line inspection of car bodies, underbodies and other large vehicle parts.

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100% in-line inspection for large vehicle parts.


Mapvision Quality Gate 6200 is our largest inspection systems that offers fully digital inline camera inspection for the largest vehicle parts, such as full car frames, floor pans and Body in White. The enclosure can be designed to accommodate any product. Typically, the 6200 Series systems are installed around a conveyor system and connected to line automation.


Technology Highlights

Digital multi-camera measurement

Mapvision Quality Gate is a fully digital software-based inspection solution: The measurement doesn’t involve robots or moving parts that limit accuracy and speed. Each measurement point is observed by multiple cameras. This allows the system to ensure the accuracy of each measurement by checking the coherence of the camera observations. The system uses one single linear and orthogonal coordinate system.


Fastest in-line measurement with verified results

Mapvision produces measurement data that has been verified by internal multi-camera correlation. Use valid data to make adjustments with confidence.

Our fully-digital technology doesn’t involve mechanics in measurement. It means faster measurement, better accuracy and more stable calibration than any other technology.

The system hardware is simple and robust – no need for robots or special foundations. The system’s simplicity makes it vibration and temperature resistant, as demonstrated by numerous system installations in real factory conditions.

Quotes from clients

“This is the future.”

Key facts
Cycle time

•  Typically 60 seconds in automatic operation

Number of inspected features

•  As many as you need, typically 50 – 300 features

•  All features of every body are inspected within line cycle time


•  3D measurement with x, y and z data on each feature, including position measurement of weld studs
•  Calculation of angles, distances, etc.
•  Surface and edge point measurement with light projection
•  Component presence checks, e.g. clip nuts


•  Repeatability: typically +/- 0.02 mm with real production parts
•  System capability is verified with MSA Type-1 and Type-2/3 studies, using production parts
•  Measurement self-diagnosis through multi-camera correlation calculations

Maximum size of measured part

•  Can accommodate any standard car or SUV body in white

System footprint

•  6.9 x 3.8 m (Measured car body length up to 5500 mm)
•  4.5 x 3.8 m (Measured car body length up to 3800 mm)
•  Normal concrete factory floor, no special foundation required
•  Custom sizes are available

Parts to be inspected

•  Body in white
•  Body modules, underbodies
•  Other large components like ladder frames

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