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Quality Gate is the only fully-digital multi-camera 100% in-line inspection system for automotive body and chassis components.

Measure every feature of every part within your line cycle time.

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Quality Gate 6200 Series

For full vehicle chassis and body assemblies such as underbodies and bodies in white.

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Quality Gate 4200 Series

For mid-sized chassis and body components such as subframes, cross car beams and rear axles. Underbody module inspection with two-module configuration.

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Quality Gate 2200 Series

For compact chassis, body and transmission components such as trailing arms, side beams and axle components.

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Result Suite

Monitor your production quality with confidence and make adjustments in real-time.

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Mapvision Care

Comprehensive service programs for your Mapvision Quality Gate system tailored to your different needs whether it is agility, early response, or support for your in-house system managers and maintenance teams.

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Quotes from our clients

“I used Quality Gate from the very beginning to adjust my new line. It paid for itself even before we reached SOP.”