Mapvision Quality Gate 2200

Visual 100% in-line quality control for compact chassis, body and transmission components such as trailing arms, side beams and axle components.

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Fully digital inspection in your production line for compact chassis, body and transmission components

One of the fastest in-line inspection system in the market today. Fully digital multi-camera inspection technology. No mechanical inspection components – no resulting inaccuracies. Built for demanding factory conditions with high temperature and vibration tolerances. 

Product Highlights

Compact and easy to integrate

Quality Gate series don't need to be installed on purpose-built foundations, allowing you more flexibility to plan your line while keeping construction costs down.


Say goodbye to expenses caused by delivery of bad parts

100% inspection is the only way to prevent the delivery of bad parts. Random errors can never be completely detected by sampling inspection.

Advanced measurement analysis and adjustment capabilities allow inspection and control even after the parts have shipped.

Quotes from clients

“We don’t deliver bad parts.”

Key facts
Cycle time

•  Hundreds of 3D features (x,y,z) in less than 30 seconds in automatic operation, depending on line automation and part loading

Number of inspected features

•  Up to 80 features, typically 20 – 40 features


•  3D measurement with x, y and z data of each feature
• Calculation of angles, distances, etc.
• Visual inspection with presence and orientation of components such as weld nuts, weld studs and clip nuts


•  Repeatability: typically +/- 0.02 mm with real production parts
•  System capability is verified with MSA Type-1 and Type-2/3 studies, using production parts
•  Measurement self-diagnosis through multi-camera correlation calculations

Maximum size of measured part

• Maximum part dimensions 330 x 860 x 320 mm (L x W x H)

System footprint

•  Gate Unit footprint 2100 x 1600 mm

Parts to be inspected

• Trailing arms
• Side beams
• Axle components
• Upper and lower control arms
• Steering knuckle
• Other small cast components


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