100% x 100% In-Line Inspection

Inspect ALL features for ALL of your production – within your TAKT time. Achieve 100% quality containment and optimize even the most complex, high-volume build operations rapidly. Eliminate waste, cut costs, and increase productivity.

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100% x 100% In-line Inspection

Improve Your Capabilities in Quality Containment and Process Control

Defect Identification and Visualization – for Each Part

Catch all NOK parts. Identify defective features on each part you manufacture for hundreds of features. Get detailed GD&T data, 3D CAD visualization, and the actual inspection images of defects to eliminate the guesswork in troubleshooting in rework and process adjustment.

Advanced Part Traceability

Associate each part's S/N with its visual and dimensional inspection data. Store the data in your results database. In case of future problems such as customer complaints and sorting requests, simply recall the data for any part, review the results, or even run new inspections on new features through retroactive analytics.

Retroactive Analytics

Run new measurements on parts even after they have left your premises. Simply recall the inspection images from the database, update the inspection program for new features or specifications to be measured, and let the measurement algorithms execute the new measurements on the inspection images collected – without any compromise in accuracy.

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Granular Cell Monitoring & Analysis

Breakdown the performance of each cell for each feature and part. Pin-point problematic cells without guesswork. Compare and evaluate the performance of each cell and production line. Take advantage of granular numeric data coupled with 3D CAD visualizations to better understand the process behavior.

Early Defect Awareness

Identify complex variation patterns and deviation trends early on before they start producing defective parts and cause line shutdowns. Prevent major quality incidents from happening.

Rapid Feedback & Fast Response in Troubleshooting

Maintaining high-volume, complex manufacturing processes requires rapid feedback on process performance and fast response to problems. Real-time inspection of all features on every part you manufacture feeds you with the granular data you need while advanced analytics transform it into clear, actionable insights for process adjustments.

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Cut the Cost of Poor Quality Through 100% Quality Containment

Cut quality associated costs through advanced delivery control and safe containment of nonconforming parts throughout the entire lifecycle of the parts delivered – even after they have left your premises.

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Avoid the delivery of NOK parts completely by inspecting each feature on each part you manufacture. Build a reputation for 100% delivery performance.

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Even when you deliver 100% conforming parts, there are still other factors that might cause customer complaints – and result in expensive warranty claims. For example, parts might have been mishandled during storage in customer facilities.

Provide your customers concrete proofs of part conformance by simply recalling the inspection images and GD&T inspections from your database for the parts in question. Reject warranty claims with confidence.

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Fully automate both internal sorting and customer sorting requests – whether for updated specifications or measurement of new features – with Mapvision's retroactive analytics capability.

Without the need for the physical presence of the parts to be inspected and sorted, simply recall the inspection images from the results database and re-run or deploy new inspections for the entire production period in question for the sorting activity. Identify the NOK parts, collect their S/Ns, and simply pin-point the parts to be sorted out.

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Pin-point the nonconforming parts through Mapvision's advanced part traceability and retroactive inspection capabilities. Avoid expensive batch recalls and recall only the problematic parts via their S/N.

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Increase Productivity. Reduce Waste. Save Time and Money.

Optimize even the most complex, high-volume manufacturing operations with the guidance of granular inspection data. Achieve 100% control over your process capability. Eliminate waste, cut costs, and increase productivity.

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• Monitor and ensure process stability by real-time monitoring of each manufacturing cell. Identify the need for corrective actions immediately.

• Identify defects before they happen through early recognition of process variation patterns and deviation trends.

• Adjust processes to nominal rapidly by getting immediate feedback on how your process responds to adjustments with the help of real-time monitoring.

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• Identify process incidents before they happen by monitoring systematic performance deteriorations for each cell in real-time.

• Eliminate guess work in troubleshooting. Pin-point root causes immediately through clearly visualized, detailed analytics screens.

• Fix the problems without trial and error by receiving actionable visual and quantitative feedback on identified root causes.

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• Get immediate feedback from test production to assess adjustments. With the average inspection time of 30 seconds, gather inspection results on your test production without wasting time. In case of extensive engineering change requests (ECRs), update the measurement program in minutes for new specs and features.

• Receive actionable visual and dimensional analysis on results to guide the adjustments without trial and error.

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• Access the inspection data from the rework station. Access all the visual and GD&T inspection data from the rework station.

• Do not waste time with guess work. Get clear visual and GD&T feedback to immediately identify the rework needed for out-of-spec features. With 3D vectors and animated images, spot what to fix right away.

• Reduce overall scrap through sustained process stability. By systematically reducing PPMs and eliminating quality incidents before they happen with granular, real-time process monitoring; drastically reduce the amount of scrap you generate.

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Achieve 100% x 100% In-Line Inspection: Mapvision Quality Gate




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