Mapvision Q

100% x 100% In-Line Inspection

Inspect 100% of the features for each part you manufacture within Takt time – even for hundreds of features.

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Inspect Hundreds of Inspection Points in 30 Seconds

Inspect 750+ inspection points within approx. 30 seconds – empowered by Mapvision’s patented machine vision and photogrammetry algorithms.

Geometric Measurement and Presence Check in The Same Cycle

Collect GD&T calculations, 3D position measurements, and presence check results in the same inspection cycle for each part and all features.

Mapvision Absolute Measurement

Eliminate your dependence on CMMs, correlation studies, and reference parts. Use the CAD model of the part as a measurement reference and achieve CMM level accuracy without the hassle.

Visualize Quality for Each Part and Take Full Control of Your Production Quality and Performance


Safe Quality Containment

Detect each and every out-of-spec part as soon as they are produced. Deliver only OK parts, avoid OEM line shutdowns, and eliminate expensive warranty claims. Eliminate the need for manual internal sorting and reduce the cost of quality while building a reputation for 100% delivery performance.

Real-Time Process Monitoring and Analytics

Monitor your process performance for each feature, component, and production cell in real-time. Reduce internal PPMs, cut downtime and increase OEE by identifyting process deviations and conducting root cause without delay. Cut rework with sustained process stability.

Advanced Traceability

Associate each part produced with its whole production history. Create a complete memory of your production for advanced part traceability and retroactive inspection. Eliminate OEM sorting, avoid batch recalls, and measure parts that are no more physically available in your premises.

A Completely Digital, Image-Based Solution for the Industry 4.0 Era

Mapvision Q combines the latest advancements in machine vision and photogrammetry with its unique fixed-multi-camera setup consisting of 30 to 90 cameras – providing unparalleled inspection speed to deliver inspection results in real-time for hundreds of features and for each part without any compromise in measurement accuracy.

Capture Images

An extensive set of fixed cameras capture images of the whole inspection volume and features from multiple angles – providing a complete model of the part and all the inspection points in detail within few seconds.

Save to Database

Images are saved to the image database of the measurement unit to be passed to Mapvision’s inspection algorithms.

Inspect on the Images

Mapvision’s powerful machine vision and photogrammetry algorithms conduct the geometric measurements and presence check of the features directly on the images — removing the need for the physical part once the images are collected.

Analyze and Manage

Inspection results are made available in real-time to conduct deep-dive analysis. Users can adjust the measurement program, add new inspection points, and even manage the whole process remotely at any point.

Retroactive Inspection

Users can go back to the database to inspect completely new features or to re-run inspection for modified specifications even if the parts are not physically available anymore in their premises since all inspections are conducted on the images collected from the whole volume of the part.

Unparalleled Inspection Speed Enables Real-Time Inspection even for the Most Complex Components with Hundreds of Features

By keeping the inspection cycle time consistently under the production TAKT time even in case of hundreds of features to be inspected, Mapvision enables manufacturers to replace statistical process control (SPC) with real-time in-line measurement results from each feature and each part.

A Robust System Built for the Factory Floor and Empowered by Software

Twist beam axle production hires (6)(1)


Avoid False Alarms

Conventional visual inspection systems suffer from the adverse effects of external noise that lead to false-positive or false-negative results. Mapvision Q's enclosed inspection chamber prevents contamination from external factors such as external illumination, dust, and vibration — avoiding false alarms.

Eliminate Downtime Risk from Camera Failures

While conventional single-triangulation inspection systems are vulnerable to camera failures, Mapvision’s multi-camera-based multi-triangulation system ensures that even in case of camera failures, the system stays operational and delivers results without any compromise in accuracy.

Manage Completely via Software

Mapvision Q is a completely digital system that enables you to operate it directly via software whether it is analyzing the results, updating the inspection specifications, or adding new inspection points. You can access the results across your organization from shop floor to top floor and manage the system completely remotely.

Cut the Cost of Quality and Increase Productivity Throughout the Entire Production Lifecycle


Before Production

Get instant feedback on line adjustments with real-time inspection results. Achieve quick PDCA cycles for ramp-up.

  • Faster line ramp up
  • Faster refurbishment of old production lines
  • Reduce PPAP time


During Production

Optimize even the most complex, high-volume manufacturing operations with the guidance of granular, real-time inspection data and software-driven efficiency.

  • Achieve lower parts-per-million (PPM)
  • Reduce downtime from quality incidents
  • Reduce downtime from line adjustments and engineering change requests (ECRs)
  • Reduce rework time and scrap
After Production

Cut quality associated costs through advanced delivery control and safe containment. 

  • Eliminate internal and external manual sorting – Avoid OEM line shutdowns
  • Avoid expensive warranty claims
  • Avoid batch recall campaigns

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