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We at Mapvision offer different opportunities for young talents starting their careers. Our young Mapvisionaries come with a wide variety of backgrounds both in terms of studies and work history. 

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Open Positions

We are looking for future Mapvisionaries with different backgrounds and experience levels. Want to be a part of a talented team with high ambitions to change the world? Check out our open positions! 


Thesis opportunities

Interested to dive deeper into what we do at Mapvision? Are you currently looking for topics for your thesis or have already something in mind that would fit our field? Awesome! Get in touch and let's talk more! 

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Quotes from summer trainees

“The spirit at the workplace was very relaxed, and you could tell that everyone was very passionate about their work. ”

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If you have any questions related to the opportunities for students, organizing excursions or other topics, please feel free to contact us!