Mapvisionary since 2019
Since my university years, I started to feel like an engineer that I should bear the responsibility towards minimizing wastes, emissions, and consumption of raw materials etc because natural resources are becoming scarce and our oceans and air are polluted.

After my graduation as a Mechanical Engineer, I started gaining experience first through my internships in Inspecting technologies as well as conditioned based maintenance strategies.

Since November 2019, I have been working as a Service Engineer in the Service & Support function. I found this function distinguished, because of its high exposure with customers, following up with functionalities, always seeking for operational improvements and encountering critical issues and finding solutions for them.

Landing at Mapvision was a big privilege and a good chance for me to contribute to reducing waste from the automotive sector as well as gaining knowledge and experience in how 100% in-line inspection is being performed efficiently.
As a fresh engineer, I am very enthusiastic about learning a fore mentioned skills, became more focused on critical thinking, and coming out with new ideas. Therefore, I am very happy to be a part of the Mapvision team