Matias Impivaara

Matias Impivaara (M. Sc. Tech.) is the Chief Growth Officer at Mapvision. Before joining Mapvision in 2019, he has a long history in sales, marketing, and business development positions in various companies, small and large. He is a creative mind with an engineering background and is enthusiastic about improving customer journeys and the customer experience.

Stories by Matias

Product News

Weld Seam Inspection At Mapvision

Mapvision launched a new multi-camera inspection application on December 15th, 2023. Weld Seam Inspection is the newest development of our systems.

Product News

A New Era in Weld Seam Inspection

Mapvision to launch a new multi-camera inspection application on December 15th. Join our launch webinar.

Product News

Introducing Mapvision Smart Eye Cell

We recently launched a flexible welding cell pilot. Here is how the solution works, and how it will enable restructuring of the manufacturing...

Agile Manufacturing

Our Mission: The Eyes of Smart Factories

At Mapvision, the paradigm shift towards flexible manufacturing is already happening. We will be the eyes of smart factories.