Mapvision Quality Gate 4200

Digital 100% in-line inspection and a visual quality database for the automotive industry

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A True 100% In-line Inspection Solution

Old quality control methods aren’t for the industry 4.0 era.

With Mapvision's integrated in-line quality inspection systems, every component you manufacture goes through inspection. ​

No more sampling!

Product Highlights

Fast, precise and reliable measurements for all features of complex car parts without compromising your cycle time.

Our fixed multi-camera system performs 100% inspection of every identified feature on every part within line cycle time. Software-driven​ image-based measurements for any complex manufacturing parts, such as cross car beams, rear axles and subframes. Fully digital, no moving mechanical parts. 


Accelerate line start up, ensure quality and save time

By utilizing 100% in-line data from the beginning of the production allows faster production setup and optimization.

Adjust processes faster with more precision and less cost.Build a complete understanding of your manufacturing process in real time. Advanced traceability for minimizes cost of complaints and sorting and offers fast root cause analysis.

Key facts
Cycle time

•  Hundreds of 3D features (x,y,z) in less than 30 seconds in automatic operation, depending on line automation and part loading

Number of inspected features

•  As many as you need, typically 50 – 300 features

•  All features of every body are inspected within line cycle time


•  3D measurement with x, y and z data on each feature, including position measurement of weld studs
•  Calculation of angles, distances, etc.
•  Surface and edge point measurement with light projection
•  Component presence checks, e.g. clip nuts


•  Repeatability: typically +/- 0.02 mm with real production parts
•  System capability is verified with MSA Type-1 and Type-2/3 studies, using production parts
•  Measurement self-diagnosis through multi-camera correlation calculations

Maximum size of measured part

• Maximum length of part approx. 1800 mm (standard Gate Unit) or 2500 mm (two module Gate Unit)
• Double size system: Maximum length of part approx. 2500 mm, for example underbody modules

System footprint

•  Footprint: 2.9 x 2.2 m (standard)
•  Normal concrete factory floor, no special foundation required
•  Custom sizes are available

Parts to be inspected

• Cross car beams: welded steel, welded aluminium, die cast magnesium
• Subframes: welded steel or aluminium
• Twist beam axles with camber and toe measurement
• Other body and chassis parts with similar characteristics

Quotes from clients

“The only system in my line that continually operates without problems.”

Key facts

Automatic door


Two automatic doors


Automatic single shuttle


Automatic double shuttle


Manual single shuttle


Manual double shuttle


Manual single shuttle with HMI kit


Manual double shuttle with HMI kit


Double size system with automatic door


Double size system with two automatic doors

Quotes from clients

“The only system in my line that continually operates without problems.”


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