We have created the world’s first self-diagnosing, fully-digital multi-camera inspection technology.

Measure every feature of every part within your line cycle time - for the first time.



  • Fully-digital: no moving parts, no mechanical inaccuracies or failures.
  • Multi-camera: measurement self-diagnosis through multi-camera correlation calculations.
  • 100% in-line: measure every feature of every part in-line, within your line-cycle time.

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  • Measurement speed: hundreds of 3D features (x,y,z) in less than 30 seconds
  • Repeatability: typically +/- 0.02 mm with real production parts
  • Reliability: measurement self-diagnosis through multi-camera correlation calculations
  • Functionality: Measurement and automatic visual inspection

"Multi-camera correlation"

Each measurement point is observed by multiple cameras. This allows the system to ensure the accuracy of each measurement by checking the coherence of the camera observations.



  • Adjust your line and verify success with 100% in-line data
  • Automatic 100% final inspection
  • Use measurement images to easily identify defects

You run a complex production process with inherent instability - yet you have a requirement for 100% delivery quality. In order to run SPC, your processes need to be extensively adjusted to meet the standards of your customer. However, SPC still provides you with limited production data after a significant time delay. Your production quality might look perfect, but it isn't.

The access to immediately available, extensive and reliable measurement data will change this.

Measure every feature on every part - make adjustments when you need to. Optimise your process efficiency, raise production quality. Troubleshoot in real-time with a real understanding of the issues that need fixing.

We help our customers achieve this today.


Quotes from our clients

“With sampling, I can detect problems in my production. With 100% measurement, I am able to solve them.”

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