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Mapvision solutions cross car beams

Cross Car Beams


Welded steel, aluminium or cast magnesium

Measure every feature within 30 seconds – with no technical limit to the number of features you measure.

  • Measure feature locations in 3D (x,y,z)
  • Calculate all distances, angles, etc.
  • Use 100% in-line data to accurately adjust your line
  • Get usable data for improving geometric quality from day one of pre-production
  • Double shuttle allows parallel inspection of products from two different lines
Component Checks

Automated component presence checks

  • Component checks, e.g. weld nut presence and clip nut orientation
  • No significant increase in inspection time
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Quality Gate 2200 Mapvision

Quality Gate 2200 Series

Quality Gate 4200 Mapvision

Quality Gate 4200 Series

Quality Gate 6200 Mapvision

Quality Gate 6200 Series

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