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We provide digital 100% in-line inspection for car body and chassis components.

Our system provides unique data.

Our services unlock the benefits of your data over the entire lifetime of your program and beyond.

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Production imperfections are part of your daily work. You want to fix them, but you don’t have the time or data you need to address all suspected problems. At best, you waste resources by producing defective parts. At worst, entire shipments can be impounded while the issue is being investigated.


You need an inspection solution that helps you get your line up to speed as quickly as possible, ensures 100% delivery quality and doesn’t harshly penalise you for the slightest deviations of the process.

Even better, you need a solution that allows you to make adjustments in real-time based on reliable data.


We’ve helped our customers set up, optimise and maintain over one hundred production lines. We support and train our customers to use in-line data for understanding their line status and highlighting needed actions.

We want to help you win your next program too.


Components of Body and Chassis

Mapvision 100% in-line solutions help you take full control of your component production. Our solutions are used in the production of a wide range of welded and cast components, including side beams, front end modules (FEC, GOR), hatches, axle components, underbody modules and even entire ladder frames.

Mapvision solutions car body chassis

Quotes from our clients

“I’ll never start another welding line without Mapvision.”

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