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Mapvision staff


One system. A lifetime of support.


Product Overview

We will help you throughout the entire duration of your program, from the beginning of your line installation until the last part you produce is inspected and shipped.

Mapcare is your complete support and maintenance program.

Improve your daily work and keep your Quality Gate system in efficient working condition.

Fixed Price

Mapcare contains an extensive set of services with a fixed annual price.

Changes to Inspection Programs

Mapcare covers all Quality Gate programming adaptations, such as adding or changing inspection features.

It also provides any system adjustments and support services during pre-production.


Annual Maintenance

A Mapvision technician will also restore and calibrate your Quality Gate during an annual maintenance visit.

Annual Calibration and Maintenance

On-site visit

  • On-site technician performing all maintenance activities
  • Image and data gathering
  • Travel expenses included

Hardware maintenance

  • Cleaning and restoration
  • Check and fix any camera movement
  • Check light function and movement
  • Check condition of all hardware and electrical components


  • Full system calibration
  • Inspection reprogramming
  • Calibration certificate

Measurement system capability

  • R&R test and report
  • Correlation test and report

Add Features and Modify Inspection

Modify inspection

  • Changes to inspection program
  • Result output modifications

Process changes

  • Inspection program adjustment for visual changes in process
  • Update inspection program for manufacturing changes

Engineering changes

  • Add, remove and modify inspection features

Name of the game

  • Unlimited programming changes
  • Feature count within originally-purchased maximum
  • On-site labour and spare parts are charged separately


Quick Remote Support

Remote access support

  • Immediate solution for most problems via remote access
  • Customer guidance and instructions via remote access
  • Support for analysis of changes in manufacturing process

Telephone support

  • First-line immediate support during normal office hours
  • Second-line global support across three time zones

Support email

  • Dedicated email address for support requests

Software Updates

Benefit from continuous software development

  • Usability and user interface improvements
  • New visualisations and tools
  • Algorithm and calculation development
  • Error correction

All modified inspection programs and software updates are installed remotely via a secure internet connection. All updates can be performed without disturbing production. Updates are monitored remotely by Mapvision to ensure 100% functionality.

Quotes from our clients

“The best support group I’ve worked with during my 30 years in this business.”

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