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Mapvision Introduces Battery Tray Measurement to Support Electric Vehicle Production


 Mapvision Introduces Battery Tray Measurement to Support Electric Vehicle Production

Mapvision, based in Helsinki Finland, has expanded its automotive measuring capability to include battery compartments and structures for Electric Vehicles (EV).

With the exciting changes in EV technology, the battery tray is fast becoming an important part of the vehicle structure. With the ability to measure hundreds of connection points, drilled holes, and dimensional features in less than 30 seconds, the Mapvision Quality Gate is the ideal choice for 100% inspection.

With sizes to accommodate all part designs, the Mapvision Quality Gate will allow the manufacturer to measure every part and all key features within their production cycle time. Reliable and accurate real-time quality data will speed up the start of production and support in adjusting the line to meet the quality and safety requirements set for the parts. In addition, both the battery tray or box, and the cover can be measured in the same inspection station.

“Continuing to grow with the EV market is a priority for Mapvision”, comments Mapvision CEO Robert Blumberg, “The measurement demands of new parts such as battery trays, and the need for 100% inspection is leading manufacturers in the direction of real time digital measurement”.

In addition to battery trays, Mapvision provides 100% in line inspection of body and chassis structural parts.


For further information, please contact:

Robert Blumberg, CEO,, +358 40 8397 408

Brian Oeder, President, Sales,, +1 513 324 2953

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Mapvision is a leading in-line inspection company providing a unique fully-digital multi-camera technology for 100% in-line inspection. Our customers are manufacturers of structural car body and chassis components and leading OEMs. Our purpose is to help our customers improve their process efficiency and production quality.