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Mitutoyo and Mapvision join forces for in-line inspection

To add value to in-line measurement and to expand their product range, the world-leading metrology company Mitutoyo Corporation (Kawasaki, Japan) and the leading European optical in-line measurement innovator Mapvision Ltd. (Helsinki, Finland) have agreed that Mitutoyo is investing in a minority share in Mapvision. At the same time, the two companies have agreed on a strategic partnership that includes global sales cooperation, with an initial focus on Asia. This also involves a joint venture between Mitutoyo and Leeport plc. (Hong Kong) for Mapvision sales in the Chinese market.

Cooperation with Mitutoyo offers Mapvision a partner with a strong presence in the Asian market, especially in the principal car-producing countries of Japan, China and South Korea.

Mitutoyo can extend its product line-up with Mapvision’s 100% in-line inspection system to cope with growing demands from key customers in automotive industries.

Mapvision Quality Gate is the fastest 100% in-line inspection system for welded car body and chassis components available on the market today. It can measure complex welded assemblies like cross car beams, subframes and axles within line cycle time, typically hundreds of 3D features (x,y,z) in less than 30 seconds.

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