Ray Tracing Software Developer

Location: Helsinki
Date posted: 11.11.2021
Application deadline: 30.11.2021

What is Mapvision? Well, we are the eyes of smart factories. But we are also a group of awesome, talented and motivated people ready to change the world. Now we are looking to strengthen our Software team with a Robotics Simulator Software Developer in our headquarters in Helsinki.

What does a Ray Tracing Software Developer do?

In this role you are the key person developing the ray tracing pipeline used to re-create real-world scenes in our CAD simulator. We do not aim to make realistic-looking images as you would in games, we model the reality as it is to create parity within the simulation. Modeling the real illuminators is critical for reaching that parity as are materials. We are always looking to optimize the pipeline and adding more quality to the output. You are constantly improving our ray tracing tools to support our projects that involve rendering very complex CAD models with a wide selection of different materials.


What is the software team like and what do we do?

The software team consists of 16 professionals and that work with our different software components for hardware interface and running the measurement, lights and cameras, for data analysis and for CAD similation. The team members have a wide range of opportunities to work and grow based on their interests and abilities. While we work in small teams, we have a low hierarchy, and the capability for independent working is appreciated.

Our projects range from real-time analytics, 3D CAD and machine vision to deep learning and closed-loop robotics. Our products are building blocks for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. We enable next-generation zero-waste production and transitioning to electric vehicles. We work mainly with Windows desktop using Microsoft technologies, including WPF and WinForms but we also have our head in the Cloud while working with our AI solutions.


Our hopes for you as a Mapvisionary

We welcome you as you are, because our team is diverse, multicultural and filled with different personalities. What we need is a person who has a solid background in software development with experience in the technologies we use and a suitable mindset to work towards common goals together with their team.

The must-have skillset, which is essential for the daily work:

  • Experience in some ray tracing framework. Good understanding of setting up different aspects of the ray tracing pipeline to correspond with the use case requirements
  • Good understanding of how different parts of the ray tracing pipeline affect the computational load and the quality of the output
  • Experience in Cuda, C# and possibly C++/CLI .Net development as these are our core technologies
  • Experience and interest in developing .Net Windows desktop software, including user interface design, preferably in WPF or WinForms
  • 3D CAD experience (industrial, game engine, Unity etc.) is essential as it is one of the key technologies in the Ray Tracing Software Developer role. 

If, in addition to the aforementioned, you have some experience and interest in the following technologies, we would be thrilled:

  • Nvidia OptiX (we use version 7.0)
  • Acceleration structures
  • Nvidia material definition language (MDL)

We are open to get you on board as a freelancer for a project or as an employee at Mapvision.


Our offering

Mapvision is on a mission to visualize quality for agile manufacturing, and we offer you the possibility to work in a growing organization with a future-proof technology ready to take over the world. As part of the Mapvision team, you will get to experience a truly international growth company with colleagues from various backgrounds, with offices in Finland, the US, Germany & Czech Republic, and customers worldwide. As our technology is combining both software and hardware, you can take a tour of our assembly facilities any time you are at the office and also see the software in action!

Besides the above mentioned, we also offer you

  • The team and other Mapvisionaries as colleagues - Just amazing!
  • Flexibility and trust – For example we have a flexible remote work policy for you to arrange your work the way you feel is best for you
  • Great office environment- If you wish to work at office, our office is in Konala in newly renovated premises with indoor parking, gym & basketball court and good connections
  • Support and opportunities for self-development
  • Regular Dev Days and other company events
  • Extensive health care and -insurance
  • International culture
  • Competitive salary
  • Lunch and recreational benefit


We got your attention? Excellent, here is what you should do next:

  1. Apply with your LinkedIn profile and CV. Please mention your salary request, possible GitHub (or similar) profile and the earliest possible starting date in your application documents.
  2. Hang in there! We will read your application and contact you as soon as possible. If we see you have the potential to be our next Mapvisionary, we’ll set up the first interview with you. During this interview, you will get to know our company, team and role even better

The next steps after the first interview in our recruitment process include a coding exercise where you can amaze us with your skills, and a team interview where you have the opportunity to meet and chat with your potential future colleagues.


Want to learn more about us and chat with one of our Mapvisionaries already before applying? Our Head of Software will be there for you (email: tommi.martela@mapvision.fi).