Success through the best service


My name is Adam Brooks and I am a Service Manager at Mapvision. My team and I are in the United States and are responsible for all Mapvision Quality Gate systems in North America.

I’ve worked at Mapvision since May of 2016. I began as a student co-op from the University of Cincinnati, but then graduated in 2017 and pursued a full-time opportunity here. In college, my major was Information Technology.

I believe this background in IT, software, and support processes has allowed me to learn our technology quickly and become effective in service. I’ve been able to learn a lot about manufacturing processes and new technologies in Industry 4.0. I enjoy working with everything from computer software to the physical Mapvision systems themselves. In thew Customer Services team, I have learned to better prioritize tasks and communicate in a more effective manner.

To excel in Mapvision it’s important to be versatile and willing to jump in and learn new things. We deal with company created software and products, as well as working with already existing technologies such as scanners, label printers, PLCs, etc. I’m motivated by an intrinsic drive to be the best at whatever I do and to challenge myself to achieve difficult goals. When it comes to Mapvision, I want to provide the best service and solutions to our customers, and I want to push our company to further success.