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Opening New Assembly Operations in United States for The North American Market

In response to increasing demand by North American customers, Mapvision expands US operations to include assembly and manufacturing in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As we mentioned in our earlier news about the new Mapvision area organization, we are committed to a closer relationship with all of our clients. As a part of our plan to grow globally, we are expanding our local presence in the key markets. Many of our key customers have facilities in North America, and with the continually growing installed base, we are poised for rapid growth there

We already have local teams for sales, support, training and project management at our office in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is the home of our skilled after sales and project development teams for North America. We also have a team of service field engineers that are fully dedicated to the US market.

In response to increasing demand, we have now expanded our North American operations to include assembly and manufacturing. The new Mapvision manufacturing activities will be a part of our operations in Cincinnati.

Our customers in North America utilize Mapvision products and services in a multitude of locations for manufacturing advances and production quality control. Typical applications range from in-line inspection of body and chassis parts and light-weighting to dimensional and assembly component control and developing electric vehicle components.

The expansion of the US activities will allow us to increase dedicated client training programs and will offer the our customers improved pre-installation training closer to their operations.

The plan is clear: We want to be a larger part of the North American automotive industry. Providing our North American clients and partners with local manufacturing is an essential part of the plan.

Mapvision Quality Gate visual inspection systems enable fast, precise and reliable in-line quality control of body and chassis parts. You can find more information about Mapvision Quality Gate from our product pages.

For more information, please contact our US team.

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