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Mapvision Successfully Delivers a Global Frame Agreement

Mapvision, an in-line inspection technology company based in Helsinki Finland, is executing the latest Quality Gate ™ delivery to the global automotive supplier PWO Group. This delivery is the final part of the multi-year frame agreement comprising of 7 units for PWO’s production sites located in Europe, North America and Asia. The frame agreement was signed in 2016.

PWO, partner to the global automotive industry for the development and production of advanced metal components and subsystems using lightweight construction, has worked together with Mapvision for nearly a decade in the area of in-line inspection and measurement. The frame agreement in 2016 was a strategically important decision for both parties to deepen the collaboration; the agreement enabled PWO to leverage the most accurate, reliable and fastest in-line measurement system across several operating sites, and for Mapvision it offered the exposure and opportunity to serve a global customer with demanding needs.

“At PWO, we operate under the principles or customer, employee and success orientation. We have international presence in five different countries across three continents to ensure customer satisfaction. We focus on quality, reliability, flexibility, quickness and our competitive prices. We also try to stay one idea ahead in everything we do. Our aim to continuously improve is always extended for the entire supply chain, and our suppliers and partners have a major role here. This is the expectation level we have placed for Mapvision, and we have been pleased to see their technology, support and experience to live up to this. 100% in-line inspection is important for us and our customers”, states Stephan Kasper, Director Business Line for body components at PWO Group.

Robert Blumberg, CEO of Mapvision continues: “We have had a good and close relationship with PWO for several years comprising of multiple projects. Not only do PWO needs and our technological capabilities meet, but we both share the common values of continuous improvement, simplicity and long-lasting relationships. We work hard and keep investing in our technology and operations to ensure that we will be a key partner for our customers also in the future. PWO has been leading the way for 100 years and we want to enable them to continue on that path”.

More information on PWO Group can be found here https://www.progress-werk.de/en/

For further information please contact:
Robert Blumberg, CEO, robert.blumberg@mapvision.fi, +358 40 8397 408


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