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Mapvision Receives Breakthrough Order to Support Electric Vehicle (EV) Production

Mapvision, based in Helsinki Finland, has received an order from a major global tier 1 automotive manufacturer to supply them with an industry leading in-line measurement system. The Mapvision Quality Gate 4200 system will be used in the battery tray manufacturing for an EV production for one of the premium OEMs.

 Quality Gate 4200 will allow the manufacturer to measure all parts in-line and all key features within their production cycle time. Reliable and accurate real-time quality data will speed up the start of production and support in adjusting the line to meet the quality and safety requirements set for the parts.

“We are excited about this order as this is a new component to measure for us in the growing EV market. This order gives us further confidence that our flagship product, the Quality Gate 4200, can meet the highest demands of our customers not only in measuring cross car beams, subframes or axles but also in inspecting the key lightweight components specific for EVs. In addition, this order comes from an existing key customer which shows that our efforts to establish lasting customer relationships are yielding results”, comments Robert Blumberg, CEO of Mapvision.

The system will be delivered during Q2 in 2019.

For further information please contact:

Robert Blumberg, CEO, robert.blumberg@mapvision.fi, +358 40 8397 408
Brian Oeder, Head of Sales, brian.oeder@mapvision-usa.com, +1 513 324 2953

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Mapvision is a leading in-line inspection company providing a unique fully-digital multi-camera technology for 100% in-line inspection. Our customers are manufacturers of structural car body and chassis components and leading OEMs. Our purpose is to help our customers improve their process efficiency and production quality.