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Remote management of quality via in-line inspection can be an effective tool for your organization to reduce direct and indirect operational costs.

We live in a hyper-connected world where competitiveness is gained not only by economies of scale or removing waste in production lines but also by increasing the efficiency in communications and information flow across production systems, internal teams, and external partners. The tools and capabilities we have today in data gathering make it possible to transform previously inaccessible information from production lines into actionable performance insights for production quality. Availability of reliable quality insights and ability to effectively communicate such information lead to a major capability for today’s manufacturing organizations: remote management of quality.


Why Do You Need Remote Management Capabilities?

Empowered by advanced monitoring and control capabilities, remote management of quality can be an effective tool for your organization to reduce and avoid both direct and indirect operational costs. It can, for example, enable a system manager to monitor and control the quality performance of several systems remotely from one location, drastically reduce response times in case of critical system failures and quality issues, or deploy engineering changes without site visits and disturbing the ongoing production—all eventually reducing downtime and eliminating cost items.


Enabling Remote Management with Mapvision Quality Gate

Envisioning this hyper-connected future at Mapvision that is today shaped by IoT and Industry 4.0, we have early on recognized the advantages remote management can bring to tomorrow’s organizations that need to endure ever increasing price pressures within the industry while seeking ways to continuously improve the overall quality performance of production lines in addition to building the operational resiliency that is much needed particularly during the time of crisis such as COVID-19 pandemic. That is why we put the remote management to our very core and are determined to deliver its advantages to our clients.

Mapvision Quality Gate in-line inspection systems can help you take control of your whole quality inspection operation remotely—including measurement, calibration, result analysis, and troubleshooting as well as rerunning measurements in already shipped products to handle and resolve quality complaints.


More on Remote Management and Mapvision Quality Gate

To learn more about why remote management of quality is an essential asset for your organization and how Mapvision Quality Gate systems can enable you through case examples, take your seat and hear me in this webinar; talking about:

  • The key challenges in automotive manufacturing today
  • The automotive manufacturing tomorrow and Industry 4.0
  • Why remote management is important for both today and tomorrow
  • How Mapvision Quality Gate systems can enable you for remote management
  • Importance of remote service and troubleshooting
  • Case examples

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