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Improving The Measurement of Angles and Flatness

The new flange measurement method for Mapvision Quality Gate inspection range offers more accurate and stable measurements for complex machined surfaces.

At Mapvision, we want to work with real-word quality control issues and solve everyday issues with our visual inspection data. That is why we always work in close cooperation with our customers in our product development. One issue some of our customers have had in the past is measurement of angles, such as camber and toe angles in automotive parts, and surface flatness, in for example flanges of twist beams.


Introducing a new flange measurement method

Inspecting the flanges and surface flatness of high-reflecting machined surfaces with visible light may be challenging as surface quality variations and differences in the surface finishing often lead to unstable results. Some traditional methods, such as CMM, on the other hand, may work, but are too slow.

To solve the issue, we recently joined forces with one of our partners and developed a new flange measurement method that can be connected to Mapvision’s Quality Gate inspection range to achieve more accurate and stable measurement results for challenging high-precision machined surfaces.


Improved results for tight tolerances

In our testing, the new system has provided much better results than the alternative measurement methods such as light grids. As an example, in a pilot with twist beams with tight tolerances, we achieved R&R values of under 3 for toe angles (with ±0,1° as the tolerance requirement) and under 10% for surface flatness (tolerance 0,1 mm).

Now we are happy to announce that the new flange measurement method is ready to be released in production to strengthen Mapvision’s portfolio of in-line inspection solutions. It enhances all the best characteristics of optical measurements and provides superior capabilities when measuring flanges with tight tolerances.


For twist beams, axles, trailing arms...

This new addition in our product offering will add value with its accuracy also in inspection of twist beams, axles and trailing arms, and other complex car parts where precise angle measurement is crucial.

Mapvision Quality Gate can already measure hundreds of features with high accuracy and unrivaled reliability. The cycle time is less than 30 seconds. With the new flange measurement method, we believe it offers a winning combination for the inspection of demanding machined surfaces in the automotive industry.


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