100% in-line inspection of Subframes

Quality Gate is fast. You can measure all of your features in 30 seconds. Typically, the number of features on a subframe is 50, but there is no limit on the maximum number of features.

  • Measure feature locations in 3D (x,y,z)
  • Calculate all distances, angles, etc.
  • Adjust your line accurately with 100% in-line data
  • Pre-production measurement adds efficiency to your initial line adjustment

Component checks

Quality Gate is very reliable - much better than manual visual control. Besides the geometric measurements, you get a reliable visual inspection of your component presence.

  • Typically, 10-20 presence checks, including weld nuts and weld studs, etc.
  • No significant increase in inspection time

Virtual Clamp

A unique software solution to replace physical clamping, Virtual Clamp delivers both clamped and unclamped results for a full picture of your subframes.

  • Faster, cheaper and more accurate than a mechanical clamp
  • No hardware-related problems
  • No maintenance of moving components
  • Fully proven in practice, it is ideal for subframes
  • Only from Mapvision