The only 100% x 100% in-line.

Quality Gate is the only 100% x 100% in-line inspection system for automotive body and chassis components.

It measures in 3D and checks presences – every feature of every part within your line cycle time.

Quality Gate 4200 Series

100% in-line inspection of parts such as cross car beams, subframes and axles.

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Quality Gate 6200 Series

100% in-line inspection of  large car body and chassis modules.

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Result Suite

Provides the simplest and clearest view of your process data.

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A complete maintenance and support programme to keep your Quality Gate working efficiently.

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Turn-key delivery

  • inspection system hardware
  • programming
  • installation
  • software for displaying and storing results
  • training and consultation

We want to stay with you until you have the confidence to use your Quality Gate independently and concrete results have been achieved.