About us

We have been the pioneer of multi-camera technology for decades. The first Mapvision multi-camera system was introduced in the mid 80´s. Our first customers used the technology in a range of special applications, from shipbuilding to mobile phone covers and even jet fighter wings.

The development of a 100% x 100% in-line inspection system started in the mid 2000’s which led to the introduction of the first Quality Gate in 2008. Mapvision Quality Gate is used worldwide by leading OEM:s and Tier-1 part manufacturers.

Today we are the only company in the world mastering the multi-camera technology that enables the 100% x 100% inspection. The  multi-camera technology changes the paradigm in the industry enabling things to be done in a completely new way.

We are a privately-owned Finnish high-tech company based in Helsinki. Our sales and service organisation covers Europe, North America and China, with local sales and service partners in each region.

Our mission is to provide leading-edge solutions for enabling superior quality and efficiency of production processes.

Our vision for 2020 is to be  the undisputed market leader for in-line inspection systems for automotive body and chassis components.

Mapvision is the only company in the world specializing in 100% in-line inspection of automotive body and chassis component manufacturing.

Antti Knuuttila

Managing Director

We provide our customers with a complete understanding and better control of their manufacturing processes.

Mapvision sells systems, but actually, we see ourselves as partners who help our customers do their own work better. When their manufactured parts are good and their production line runs smoothly, everybody is happy.