Why 100% x 100%

First, every feature gets measured. That's 100%. Second, every part gets measured. That's another 100%. 
- And it all happens within your line cycle time.

Deliver only good parts

By inspecting every feature you are sure that not a single bad part is delivered to the end customer. This eliminates bad quality costs, such as reclaims and containments.

Adjust process to nominal

You gain a complete understanding of your process, and you are able to adjust the process to nominal. When you are able use the whole tolerance range, you will not produce any bad parts.

By using 100% x 100% inspection you will have significant cost savings:

  • Save reclaim costs
  • Save scrap costs
  • Save downtime costs
  • Save CMM sampling costs
  • Save indirect bad quality costs

Some of our customers have calculated less than one year payback time for their Quality Gate.

These benefits and cost savings are not available with traditional systems. If you use mechanical gauges or robotic optical measurement systems (RMS), you have to make trade-off between number of inspection points and sampling rate.


See what our customers have to say about Quality Gate

"It took less than one year to pay for itself."

 “We don’t deliver bad parts."

“All other measurement systems seem to suffer from problems with high operating temperatures and temperature changes."

“I have measured parts with CMM, portable measurement arms and Mapvision. The only system providing consistent results seems to be Mapvision, and I have begun using these results for pre-series line adjustment.”

"I used Quality Gate from the very beginning to adjust my new line. It paid for itself even before we reached the SOP."

“I’ll never start another welding line without Mapvision.”

“With sampling, I can detect problems in my production. With 100% measurement, I am able to solve them.”

“The Quality Gate seems to be the only system in my line that continually operates without problems”.

"Everybody knows the irritation of trying to demonstrate the capability of a new line to the OEM when seeking permission to operate with sampling and SPC. Mapvision 100% x 100% inspection solves this problem.”

"We are really satisfied. It will be a must on our new lines."

“This is the future”

“This is the only 100% X 100% capable system in the world”

Once you get used to the luxury of a fully-controlled manufacturing process, you will never launch another line without a Quality Gate!

Real example of welding jig adjustment